Ian Murphy & Adam Cutts: Clark

Here at the Housecall, we're always looking for the next great student apartment. While Montreal is undoubtedly a gold-mine of totally unreal digs, sometimes a visit to a Housecall alum is in order. We didn't expect to love Ian's most recent apartment as much as his last, but, we do. Ian and Adam proved to be furniture building mavens with several pieces they built showcased throughout the house, such as Ian's incredible wooden clothes hanger (a branch taken from a stroll on Mount Royal), their organized spice rack or their stunning coffee table (think old planks of barn wood and antique copper pipes). Their interest and talent in art is evident from the amount of beautiful photographs, paintings and sketches on display, most of them by the two strapping young men themselves (sorry ladies, they're both taken!). During our relaxing morning spent at this charming apartment, we listened to some Ray Charles, witnessed a vigorous chess match and ate some of their crackers. Thanks guys!

contributor: Molly Teitelbaum (photographer & writer)